Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our 11 Best "Cafe-worthy" Recipes of 2011

Hey peeps, so apparently it's 2012 now...hmm, time for some reflection. This should be exciting...:) We're going back in time! Actually back to when our recipes were pretty extensive, we've gotten simpler since then because of school and such.

These are all the recipes that are 100% amazing and that would be featured in a cafe, if we ever open one ...probably not until we have our midlife crisis in 30 years.

Lucuma Chip Ice-Cream (this tasted like butterscotch ripple amazingness, it's all the lucuma)

Raw Chocolate Mint Pie (man, if you like chocolate and mint and creaminess, this is pretty much heaven)

Awkward pie picture, it's hard to take pictures of slices of pie, don't ask! lol

Thai Peanut Soup (a ravenously addicting, pad thai inspired peanut soup)

Curried Pea Mash (creamy + delicious, there's something about curry and peas that is just so comforting)

Sunbutter Chocolate Bars w/ Stevia (these are so cheap to make and snap like real chocolate bars)

Sweet Potato Vanilla Patty Cakes (Amazing cakes, kind of like potato latkes, except sweet)

Mocha Tart (this is totally sugar-free, it's so light and fluffy and uses a coffee substitute, true yums)

The Sweetest Potato Brownies (the sweet potato just makes these ultra-fudgey and amazing)

Buckwheat Graham Crackers (Gluten-free grahams, these taste just like the real thing!)

Pistachio Orange Cookies (Pistachio + orange create an amazing and unique flavour in these little gems! )

 Vegan "Booster Juice" (title says it all...)

It seems like most of our faves were sweet things last year. That's so funny, because we are planning to release our second ebook which is completely Sweet! (with some sugar-free dessert recipes as well).


  1. oh yum!!! everything looks amazing

  2. oh my, those sunbutter chocolate bars and the sweet potato pancakes/brownies look DIVINE. i must try them! happy new year :) looking forward to what you will share this year. i love finding likeminded bloggers!

  3. I just found your blog and love the concept! I'm always on the lookout for new vegan recipes! I'm adding you to my reader and will definitely link you if I make one of your recipes. <3

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