Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Daily Eats!

Jenn here with more daily eats!

Love fruit in the morning! This fruit bowl has bananas (of course), kiwi and apples. Sprinkled with cinni

Store-bought hummus with celery. Nothin' to see here kids, move along...

Banana Coconut cookies I made using chickpea puree, bananas, coconut sugar, millet flour and coconut. Fat free, but it needed some kind of oil. 

Dinner: Spinach, kelp noodles, which I tried for the very first time. You definitely need to soak them for a bit to soften them up, love em though! And the yellow stuff is yams, I actually thought I was buying a sweet potato but it was yellow inside, but it was still sweet which was fine by me! Drizzled with a smoky tahini sauce.

Bananas w/ tahini! I saw on the pure 2 twins ' blog and had to try it. And you know what....its good.

Banana frosty made with chocolate-beet powder. I think my banana obsession is coming out through these posts. 


  1. I bought some kelp noodles several months ago, but I was too scared to try them. I'm still too scared. how was your experience?

  2. @ lily fluffbottom: I really like them! I just toss them in salads, nothing TOO scary haha! They're a bit expensive though so I don't buy them that often

  3. oh I'm so jealous of your bananas! due to the cyclone in Queensland earlier this year and the devastation of the banana crops, bananas have been far too expensive for this little uni student!
    bananas are my favourite too :)