Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coconut-Curry Tempeh Salad and...Pickles?

Hey guys, Jaclyn here! I finally got a new macbook! (I broke my old one), so I haven't been able to post while at school. Jenn has been posting like crazy everyday for Vegan MOFO, thanks Jenn for being a dolly! :P

So anyway, I was perusing the grocery aisles after weeks of rice, beans and sweet potatoes. I was feeling like something different, something...radical! I usually stay away from tofu but spotted some coconut curry tempeh that looked delicious and was gluten-free. The brand is Turtle Island, and they are so delicious! You just cook them like bacon and voila, tasty strips of tempeh!

Greens, coconut-curry tempeh, sweet potato, and spiced pumpkin seeds

On a side note, I also somehow convinced myself that I needed pickles. So I opted for these. I quickly resented my purchase after a few days, I mean, you can only eat so many pickles then you sort of need to wait awhile before eating them again. Am I alone on this pickle philosophy?

The nice thing about these pickles was that they tasted just like the ones we have every year for Passover. Oh Nostalgia! :)

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