Friday, October 14, 2011

Hearty Guaca Kale Salad with Chickpeas

Hey all you health freaks! I've been on a "green" kick lately. I've had a green smoothie almost every morning and I recently bought some black kale at an organic grocery store near my house. It looked like the deepest, darkest, richest green vegetable I could see in the produce section so I picked up a bunch to use in my smoothies. I decided I wanted a massaged kale salad because I haven't had one in a million years (since our raw food cleanse) and I felt like pulverizing something (note: punching kale can help release anger).

This salad has very simple ingredients: Kale + Chickpeas, and a very simple dressing: Avocado + Salsa + Salt. I don't really need to write down the recipe right? I should mention that you should massage the kale for about 3 minutes to get it nice and wilted.

I personally like non-salady salads...I mean, I like salads that you can really stick your fork into. None of these frail salads with feathery lettuce leaves and thin slices of cucumber.

Feel free to add cherry tomatoes or any other veggies you desire!

Kale salad is hard core

Do you guys like seeing daily eatings or do you prefer recipes? Or both!? We're enjoying the simplicity of posting daily eats with recipes here and there and will probably continue that once MoFo is over. Although we probably won't be posting everyday like we've been doing the past 2 weeks.

See you tomorrow!



  1. Bring on the kale recipes! You can never have too many, imho. I can't wait until they start to sell those HUGE kale bunches at SLM for $2. :) After the first frost, I'll venture out to find it.

    Personally, I like recipes best, but daily eats like this are great, too!

  2. I love chickpeas! And kale! And salsa and avocado! I may need to try this salad. lol
    TFS!! :)

  3. Whoa! Post the recipe for this! It looks so creamy and good! Awesome!

  4. Oops! If I just ate a block of 85% dark chocolate and two slices of coconut slice, can I still hang around here with the "health freaks"? I do like what you make! ;)

  5. Wow, that looks amazing! I love kale so much!