Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lots of Snackers!

I totally forgot about my Student Eating Snack Attack post! Don't worry (because I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat...), it's coming soon! Here's some random eatin'!

Bananas + Tahini again! It's a really good breakers because it fills you right up! 

Gluten-free toast w/ hummy and toasted pumpy seeds (yeah, we give food nicknames sometimes)

I made sweet potato crackers but forgot to add oil! Nooooo! Will be attempting this recipe again.

Banana - Avo Pudding w/ GF Toasted Oat O's (not cheerios) Jac regrets this because she doesn't like the Oat O's. Shame Jac! 


  1. believe it or not, i've never had tahini on its own before. only in hummus! those sweet potato crackers still look good. i prefer them oil free anyhow :)

  2. i like all of these snack ideas a lot! i'm on the hunt for good work snacks. :)

  3. YUM! some good looking snacks! so happy you like bananas with tahini, we love it!

  4. Hi, just wondering if its pure tahini you're putting on the bananas? It looks runnier, so I was wondering if you mixed it with something? Thanks!

  5. @ anonymous: Nope it's just pure tahini! The brand I bought was not ground as much as it's supposed to be so yes it was a bit thinner than a normal tahini should be