Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Delicious Revolution + Nuts Online Review

I was just surfing the vegan web and came across this AMAZING site. It's run by Joy Houston, a raw food nutritionist and chef. I'm reading through the articles and was shocked by how similar her views matched with ours. When she says: "getting off the roller coaster most don't know they're even on" that really resonated with me (us).

I watched her videos about the "Body Battle Plan" and that's almost exactly what Jenn and I have done except not knowing it, or having a plan for that
Basically she advocates: Cleanse, Customize and Create. So first you cleanse (ie. raw food diet) then you slowly introduce different foods to your diet to see which foods are helping you and which ones aren't. You then create recipes with the foods that are kind to you and limit your intake of foods that are not. 

All of her articles are so awesome! Some that really jumped out at me:

Also yummy recipes: Orange Cream Cacao Bark the way this is really unlike me to voluntarily endorse like this but I just couldn't help myself! I'm also a sucker for sharp graphic editing. Now onto the goods...

We received a package in the mail from Nuts Online today! They sent us the Raw Sampler Pack, which contains lots of yummy raw treats as well as raw essentials. This would be a really great gift for someone who is just getting into a healthy diet paradigm and doesn't want to spend loads of money trying out different superfoods like spirulina or maca (which are both included in this pack). All of their products are fairly priced, they offer an array of organic products, I was surprised at the variety, there were some products I've never seen before on any other site such as organic strawberry powder, which is next on my wishlist to make strawberry ice cream in the middle of winter! I would just be weary of the quality, I wouldn't compare the quality of health foods from nuts online to, for example a company like More Than Alive, or Navitas Naturals, but it's a good source for students (like us) who aren't exactly rolling in the dough. :P
Raw Sampler: Organic Quinoa, Spirulina, Turkish Figs, Organic Almonds, Organic Cacao Goji Squares, Organic Hemp Protein Powder, Organic Maca Powder, Chia Seeds, Acai Blueberry Superfood Cereal, Organic Cacao Nibs.
Our favourite was the Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares, there's a reason why there was only one left to photograph!


  1. Ooo...nice haul you've got there!

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