Friday, December 9, 2011

Nacho Supreme Quinoa Bowl + TruRoots

You guys are gonna think this is so weird, but I had a dream last night that I made this and since I had a day off today I decided to follow my dreams and literally make them come true.

And I've recently discovered the BEST and EASIEST vegan cheese sauce. I tried it on noodles and it definitely wins for the best "Mac and Cheese" substitute. Better than our hummus and sweet potato versions.

So what are the ingredients?

Super easy.

Pumpkin Cheese Sauce

Equal parts:

Canned pumpkin puree
Nutritional Yeast and
+ a hefty pinch of sea salt

For the bowl I used about 2 tbsp of each as well as a little bit more water cause I wanted to be able to drizzle it. This would equal about 1 serving I'd say.

Here's the sauce mixed w/ some noodles, KD style

But this isn't what you came here to see!

Presenting the Nacho Supreme Quinoa Bowl

1/2- 3/4 cup of cooked quinoa
1 tsp chili powder

Chopped red pepper
Chopped green onion
Black beans
Diced avocado
1 sprouted corn tortilla (Baked in a 350F oven for about 10 minutes and crumbled)

1 serving of Pumpkin Cheese Sauce (recipe above)

First you layer the quinoa that has been mixed with chili powder on the bottom of the bowl. Next add your veggies, salsa and avocado (Add vegan sour cream if you're into that kind of thing). Top with tortilla pieces.

Drizzle on cheese sauce and garnish with a lime.


I didn't have black beans so just pretend they're there

Na na na

Quinoa peeking through

If you don't have sprouted corn tortillas just use crumbled tortilla chips.

Tru Roots sent us some Sprouted Quinoa! You can really tell the difference when the grain is sprouted. It's a more hearty grain. Perfect for bowls!

I was also thinking you could put in some other nacho-ish stuff like maybe some smoked tempeh or shredded lettuce.


  1. This looks incredible! Now I'm even more convinced I have to stop complaining about Australia's lack of canned pumpkin and just make my own already :P

  2. Not weird at all! It looks amazing and I just might need to make it this weekend!

  3. It looks so creamy! Amazing that you had a dream about it. Haha

  4. @Hannah lol Australia doesn't have canned pumpkin?! How do you make pumpkin pie!! That could just be an American/Canadian thing because of thanksgiving, but still! pumpkin pie!

  5. Mmmm my kind of meal :) I need to get on this pumpkin/squash cheezy sauce bandwagon...

    (oh and England is the same with the lack of canned pumpkin..occasionally you can find imported Libby's at crazy prices)

  6. i seriously need to try mixing pumpkin and tahini together! love how creamy this sauce looks :). and i want to try that GF corn tortilla! i saw the brown rice tortillas from the same company at whole foods the other day!

  7. This is seriously the BEST and EASIEST sauce for vegan mac and cheeze, I'm only sad that I just found your recipe recently! I add a little bit of whole grain mustard, cuz that's how I like it. :)

  8. Wanting to try this recipe. Does the cheese sauce have a pumpkin taste to it? Thanks