Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 Days of Healthy Stocking Stuffers - Day 7: Upper Canada Vita Body Spray + Persimmon Smoothie

Christmas is so close I can almost taste it! I went shopping today with a dear friend in downtown Toronto, got some good stuff! My dad is so hard to buy for geez, all I could think of was translucent playing cards and chocolate...(don't worry, he doesn't read the blog that often...)

Anyways Jenn was in a rush and asked me to finish her post...a persimmon smoothie with a granola type topping, not sure what kind of granola though, I will have to get back to y'all on that :P. I commend her for using persimmons, I'm still terrified of them after they numbed my tongue. They have to be super ripe in order to avoid the numbing apparently...

vanilla persimmon smoothie (persimmon, banana, almond milk)

Almond Fresh almond milk! Mmmm! only downside is that it has sugar in it, o well a little sweetness never hurt anyone! :)

Stocking Stuffer #7: Upper Canada Vita-Body Spray. This stuff is awesome! Number 1: It's Canadian, Holla! Number 2: It's super natural with no added chemicals at all! And smells like festive cranberry and orange, mmm.

Hope your Christmas plans are following through as you'd like them to! It will probably be a green Christmas up here, not a snowflake in sight...:(


  1. Persimmon Smoothie - sounds heavenly!! we have been enjoying persimmons lately but still have not tried them in smoothies yet! that needs to change because that look creamy and delicious.

  2. persimmon smoothie sounds wonderful! i never thought about putting that fruit in a drink before...i haven't seen that brand of almond milk either. i know what u mean about certain ppl being so hard to shop for. i'm at a point where i just ask ppl what's on their wish list or "need" list and just buy them something, so i don't feel like i'm wasting my money~~ :)

  3. Mmm, I adore persimmons! I've got to pick up some more at my Co-op this weekend. Perhaps they'll find their way into a smoothie? :)