Sunday, December 18, 2011

11 Days of Healthy Stocking Stuffers - Day 5: Bakery on Main

We're so close to Christmas! Only 7 more days and I STILL haven't done any shopping. It's typical me to leave everything to the last minute anyway. It'll get done though!

For Day 5 we've chosen:

Bakery on main is an awesome new company that makes gluten-free cereals and bars that are super yums! I've been eyeing their products in the stores and finally got to try them.

So many bars to choose from

Check out the texture yo.

The pb+j was naturally our favourite. Chewy and soft = optimal bar texture.


  1. Oooh...I didn't know bakery on main sold granola bars! I'll have to ask my health food store to start carrying them -- that'd be a lovely stocking stuffer!

  2. Those Carob Crinkles and Coconut Lime cookies look divine! Recipe, perhaps? :D

  3. Hi Lauren@spicedplate! You should definitely take a look at our website ( We have 3 different bar lines. : )

  4. Cookies look great. Could you share the recipes?

  5. @Anonymous: we plan to share them in our ebook which will be out in January! unless you're really rearing to make them, we can email you the recipe :)