Saturday, December 24, 2011

Healthy Stocking Stuffers - Day 11: TAZO tea + Cinnamon Biscotti

Ah it's past midnight but I need to do this post. Just to know that I actually FINISHED something for once. This is an obvious one, but tea is what every health freak wants and needs. You can never have too many boxes of tea in the cupboard in my opinion. A recent favourite tea of mine is the "Zen" green tea from TAZO. It has a very clean taste and doesn't taste like hay for once! (which I find to be the prominent note in most green teas).


Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Have a great christmas morning everyone! :)


  1. Yum! That coconut truffle square looks delicious! Recipe?

  2. Looks good. Where's the recipe?

  3. @lea: we're putting these recipes in our ebook, which will be out soon, january at latest we promise! :)

  4. I would so love that as a stocking stuffer! My sister in law regifted me two Twilight bookmarks that she got and didn't want...and I don't even like twilight :(

  5. @ Melissa: Aw shame! I tried to read the first book but couldn't get past the cheesiness of the writing.

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