Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spirulina Hawaiian Dream Smoothie

If you've read our previous posts, you know that I'm always trying to find ways of consuming my spirulina, which I still have from last summer! Good god when will it end! I have maybe half of the jar left.

I know that some people can tolerate the taste of spirulina, but I'm just not one of those people...

I've discovered that, as you could have guessed, it's best to combine sweet fruits like banana, dates and pineapple to spirulina to mask the taste.

Best colour evaa!

I got back from a run and was low on brown rice protein powder, so I substituted some spirulina to get the usual amount of protein for post-workout repair fuel. 

Honestly, with this spirulina smoothie recipe you will not taste the spirulina at all, maybe just lightly on the palate as an aftertaste, but other than that it tasted delicious!

1 banana, frozen
2 chunks of pineapple
1/2 tbsp spirulina
1 scoop vanilla brown rice protein powder
Dash of lime juice
Water to thin

Blend all ingredients until well combined. Enjoy as a post workout or anytime smoothie.


  1. That colour is incredible! I'm glad you found a delicious combination that allowed you get down some of that spirulina. It looks quite refreshing for a post-workout treat.

  2. Love the color of this know we love our spirulina ;)

  3. I have never tired spirulina!
    I really love the colour of your smoothie!! it's quite wacky ;)

  4. How many calories?

  5. ok... totally need to know... what's spirulina??

    1. spirulina, also known as blue-gree algae, it's a complete protein and contains all amino acids and high in minerals :)

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  7. You can never ran out of ways to rediscover Spirulina, especially if you're using the powdered type. You can add it in just about anything. Wonderful, right? :) Mix it in a dough, pesto cream, you name it. The latest I’ve tried is Spirulina in a tart! Can't be any more satisfying when you're taking in the healthy stuff. Will try this smoothie, by the way. The color is absolutely fantastic!

  8. I love organic spirulina! But like you, I didn't like it the first time I tried it. After trying it with some fruits/veggies, I came to like it finally! :)