Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mishaps and Failed Photos Galore

We thought it would be hilarious to post some of our recipes that didn't quite make the cut to the blog. We were just looking through our photo library at some of the shameful photos we took of our failed recipes. It was quite funny though. Hope this makes some of you laugh!

This was our VERY FIRST recipe we ever did. Raw Falafels. Not really sure why we didn't post it....

I think this was a kale curry dish...??

Our very first attempt at pancakes....and taking pictures in the sunlight...

We made this mango-kale salad at night so the lighting wasn't the best. Good salad though!

Don't really remember what this was..Some sort of tempeh stew??

These were pretty good! We couldn't post them because we didn't write down the ingredients. These were Socca Cheez Sticks.

The filling here is alot of onions, celery and garlic blended up. I rolled up the nori and dehydrated it. But it ended up tasting like thanksgiving stuffing. Not the best thing ever.

Quinoa milk...

Blurry picture of "Mock Chicken Salad" made w/ zucchinni. I thought it was good but Jac said the dressing looked icky. I suppose so....

Carrot quinoa-meal. Blaaaaand.

Almond flour pound cake. It tasted pretty good but we just couldn't get a good enough shot!

Hahaha! These were a production! They were supposed to be strawberry chia jelly tarts w/ fresh strawberries at the bottom. Jac decided to add mint to the filling and we all know that mint and berries don't mix.

Asian cucumber-y salad? The colours were kinda ugly.

These were passable, a bit crumbly. Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.

Haha! Can you guess what this is?? It's supposed to be a zucchini pakora. Shame.

I was actually going to post this but Jac said no :P It's coconut-basil pesto. 

Jac made these mini raw cheesecakes and put them in the freezer. I for some reason though they were cinnamon and put apples on top. Apparently they were lemon. Sorry!!

Failed lemon-poppy seed muffins. Too crumbly.

The beginnings of banana-oatmeal cookies w/ no sugar. They needed the sugar. 
No recipe today! But now you all know our secret failed attempts!


  1. That's like literally too much delicious food for me to handle!!! haha

    I've never had quinoa milk!

  2. Soooo... I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty much dying for that cheesy socca stick recipe... (hint hint?) :)

  3. I love this! The funny thing is that none of these look that bad - but I have my own collection of recipes that weren't quite blog ready either. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. hahahaha i have my own set too :). the quinoa carrot mess and the quinoa milk looks SO good!!!

  5. Boy can I relate!!!