Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Raw Pistachio Pudding (Vegan, GF)

I don't know why but I have been obsessed with pudding. The last time I made chocolate pudding, I noticed how pretty the green colour was before I added cocoa in. And thought, how can I make green pudding visually and appetizingly appealing?...Pistachios! The pistachios in this pudding should be peeled, unless you'd like extra fibre. Once they're soaked they are quite easy to peel, you just have to squeeze em every which way until it pops out of its skin. I put this in the freezer and it was really close to pistachio ice cream :) and it's raw!

1/2 cup soaked pistachios, peeled
1 avocado
Water, to thin
3 tbsp agave syrup (or to desired sweetness)
1/2 - 3/4 tsp vanilla extract or almond extract
1 1/2 tbsp ground chia seeds
Squirt of lemon juice

Process the pistachios until very smooth (takes a good few minutes) in food processor, add all other ingredients. Process until smooth. Let set in refrigerator for a few hours. Makes one serving.

I found this food timeline website and it shows when foods were introduced, I never knew pistachios were this ancient, see for yourself.


  1. I bet that pudding tastes phenomenal. And looks so pretty, too! But I'm totally intrigued by your "vege-lox" in the previous post. . . that is one I am definitely going to have to try! Gorgeous photos, too. :)

  2. Oooo - I love love love pistachio ice cream. If this is even half as good, I'm going to be thrilled!

  3. I love pistachios! This looks soooo good!

  4. Ok girls Michelle and I will be over later for a big bowl of this!!! :) xoxo



    Sorry for the caps but that looks and sounds awesome... I love pistachio ice-cream. Def bookmarking this...

  6. How long do you soak the pistachios for?

    I just made this and it isn't as pretty as yours. It isn't as smooth or light green! But it is really delish!

  7. @ Amy: hey amy! i soaked mine overnight, then I peeled them and whizzed them in a food processor for a good few minutes until they were absolutely smooth, it takes patience to get it really smooth. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  8. I've just made this for the second time! Mine made about three servings though... I can't eat a whole avo in one sitting, let alone with pistachios.

    I also used less almond essence (about half) and rice syrup instead of agave (again, about half), and added freshly grated coconut to the mix.

    Am loving it - this will no doubt go on my regular rotation. Thanks!

  9. @ lisa dempster: yay! I love reading success comments! I understand about the serving size, I've been known to have a larger than life appetite and can actually eat many avocados in one sitting lol. :)

  10. thanks for sharing, I'm going to try that ASAP!

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