Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miso-Tahini Pumpkin Noodles + Pudding + King Soba

You probably already know we are big fans of tahini. 1. because it's cheap 2. because it has a low glycemic index and 3. because it actually tastes really good! I made a super yummy asian inspired miso-tahini sauce that you can use as a dressing or poured over top of noodles. In this case I used King Soba's Pumpkin-Ginger Noodles. We love this gluten-free noodle company (especially the packaging) and they're organic too! Double score! They sent us some other noodles to try so we'll also be posting recipes for those when inspiration strikes.

So to make your noodle dish first mix together the sauce:

2 tbsp of tahini
1 tsp miso paste
1/4 cup hot water (or more depending on consistency of tahini)

Mix together the miso and hot water. Add in tahini and stir until well combined. It should have a dressing consistency.

Pour over cooked noodles and wilted spinach or arugula (or whatever greens you'd like). Toss in the dressing. Eat!

Into the miso abyss


I hope you guys don't mind the simplicity of the dishes we've been making. Hopefully when the holidays come we'll get a bit more crazy.

King Soba! 

Here's a pudding I made...guess what's in it...

It's avocado and kiwi! (w/ cinni and hemp seeds on top). Simple, low-glycemic and filling. We love our avos!


  1. This looks so lovely! I've never seen those kinds of noodles, I feel I am definitely missing out! I will be excited to try this!

  2. another beautifully simple & delicious recipe - i love it! i've never seen those noodles either, but i look forward to trying this sauce in the very near future :)

  3. YES! I love their noodles, and as a ginger fanatic, pumpkin ginger is my favorite. My super awesome corner store sells them, which is dangerous because I go there so often and they tempt me frequently.

  4. Avocado and kiwi!?!?!?!?! That sounds brave and it looks like it paid off! Nice!

  5. I'm LOVING the recipe simplicity, I'm so hooked on this blog!

  6. Oh my gosh, are the noodles made of pumpkin? Wow!

  7. whoah, a couple days ago i was searching for something with tahini and miso....and now i have the just recipe. sounds simply delish! thanks!

  8. Yum! I love that brand of soba noodles!!
    They also make black rice noodles, which I'm so definitely going to try after I finish my pack of 100% buckwheat ;)

  9. where did you get those noodles? wow soba noodles are usually made w/ buckwheat, which i can't eat. i would LOVE to try this brand!

  10. tahini is one of my faves but it is actually pretty expensive here. :(

    and those pumpkin noodles look amazing. where are they from?

  11. I just made this sauce for dinner and served it with wholemeal wheat penne, black eye beans and salad. Delicious and so quick to make :)


  12. I also love the simplicy of these recipies. They fit in perfectly for a busy schedule. Thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait to try this. Where are the noodles from?

    1. Thank you! we strive for simplicity, being students it's the only option :) You can buy these noodles in most health food stores and I believe Whole Foods as well. King Soba has so many flavours now, they used to only have 3 or 4, but now have Sweet Potato-Buckwheat and Seaweed flavour, it's crazy :)

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