Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet Cinnamon Panna Cotta w/ Stevia (Vegan, GF)

This is me being fed up with carob. Lol. I've had it pretty much everyday since starting the candida diet. And I'm not even sure if you're allowed carob on the diet but let's just pretend that you are :P. This was actually so delicious, it's really good as a drink too, just don't add agar and you're set with a warming gingery beverage.

1 can full fat coconut milk
2 tsp agar flakes
20-25 drops vanilla stevia
1/2-3/4 tsp cinnamon
1 ginger tea bag

Heat coconut milk, agar flakes, stevia, cinnamon and ginger tea on medium heat until agar is dissolved and the tea is steeped through. Fill two small dessert cups with mixture, chill until set.


  1. Looks great! That must be soooo rich! :D Every anti-candida diet I've seen says you can have carob. . . just not sweetened. ;)

  2. This looks yummy. Must get some agar and try it. : )

    What happened to the Sweet Potato Vanilla Patty Cakes post???

  3. I was so excited to find your blog & even more excited when I read that you are following the candida diet too! When did you start the candida diet? I am on my third week with the diet and was getting really bored with eating salads for every meal and sacrificing dessert and my favorite snacks like Lara bars. Do have any advice for a beginner on the candida diet? I love all your recipe ideas & your blog!

  4. @avoir_la_volonte: Patty cakes are coming soon! We actually posted them by accident lol

  5. @Cami: I started the candida diet about 2-3 weeks ago as well, and am going through mad die-off symptoms, but will get through it! I love dessert so much and I'm still struggling with cravings. I make these sunbutter bars basically everyday unless I feel detox, they are so good!

    If I'm in a rush for a sweet dessert I just mix sunbutter, carob, stevia, and water together and it makes a yummy chocolate icing.

    As for meals I know salad seems to be like the only thing you can eat! Stock up on buckwheat, millet, quinoa and amaranth. I've also allowed eggs into my diet, feeling nourished on a vegan candida diet seems to be very hard to do so that's why I'm adding eggs.

    Thanks for the comment and good luck :)

  6. Hey J&J!

    This looks amazing! I'm always looking for new stevia recipes to try out, and give me inspiration for the recipes on my site. I'm definitely trying this one ;-)

    What brand of stevia do you prefer? I'm thinking of doing reviews of stevia brands on my site soon, although it's hard to get my hands on US brands, since I live in Europe!

    Have a healthy day!


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  8. oh no! i'm so sadfaced to hear you feel like you need to incorporate products from animals into your diet because you don't feel nourished. you might want to check out Ricki's site: diet, dessert, 'n dogs ( she too is on the anti-candida diet, vegan, thriving, and Ricki will probably tell you herself she feels nourished and healthy! i realize no two people are the same, but perhaps her site can help you out a bit. will you all be changing up your blog to reflect your vegetarian lifestyle?

  9. @jessy: yes I've checked out Ricki's blog and see she is doing very well with a vegan based candida diet. Yes every body is different and it seems that I do better with a little bit of eggs, of course I make sure they are completely organic, free range, sunshine, happy eggs :) And the candida diet is a temporary diet too. No I won't be changing the site, I still love to make vegan meals and treats, and Jenn is still vegan herself so we are definitely continuing the veganess.

  10. hey jaclyn,
    just so ya know, there really aren't ANY happy eggs. even eggs that come from backyard chickens are associated with death and murder. any place where you would buy baby chicks to raise yourself, the baby birds have already been sexed--meaning the baby boys have been tossed out leaving only the girls behind. the boy chicks are tossed in the trash--there's no getting around this cruelty, boys don't lay and you can't have more than one rooster with a flock of chickens. plus most folks don't want to eat fertilized eggs anyway. so even if you accidentally get a baby chick that was sexed wrong and is a boy, that little rooster is sent off somewhere to be killed/eaten. so even for the nicest house on your corner that sells yard eggs, the chicks have still been sorted at a hatchery.


  11. @kittee: thanks kittee for letting me know, I'll have to reevaluate my choices.

  12. I can't wait for my batch to cool. I just licked the spoon I used to stir everything together and it is heavenly.

    Thanks ladies for creating such wonderful food!

  13. MMMMMMMMM,,...I have made this tasty coconut panna cotta & it rocked my tastebuds!!

    It was ooh so delicious! I love to use agar agar!

    Many greets from a foodie from Brussels, Belgium! :)

  14. this is yum! thankyou
    i found with 2tsp of agar flakes it set too hard and rubbery, im going to try 1 tsp next time
    thanks again

    Grateful for contribute to such information I’ll pass it on to my friends.

  16. hey jennifer and jaclyn - question - i thought on the candida diet you cant have any sugar whatsoever, since the yeast feed on it. if so, how are you able to have stevia? am i wrong? thanks so much!

  17. @ alana: Hey alana! The good news about stevia is that it's actually an herb that just happens to taste sweet. So stevia extract is the "extraction" of that herb. You could compare it with say, licorice which has a sweet taste but doesn't actually contain any sort of "sugary" properties. Another good no-glycemic sweetener to try is "xylitol" which comes from birch trees!

  18. thats amazing, thanks so much!

  19. you specify using full-fat coconut milk, but would it still work with low-fat? thanks :)

    1. It would work, it just wouldn't taste as rich and wouldn't be as thick. But it would be better for you!

  20. Do you use the liquid in the full fat coconut milk? The coconut milk in a can that i buy separates, and i usually keep it separate and drain the coconut water (the fluid part) then use the milk (the thicker part) for coconut whipped cream. In this recipe do you use the WHOLE can?

  21. Marvelous - a dessert without sugar! Well done. That's sooo rare. The Candida Diet can be very boring indeed!

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