Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cinnamon-Banana Smoothie (Vegan, GF)

When I'm not in the mood for carob, sometimes I opt for cinnamon. It enhances the vanilla protein powder and banana flavour in the best ways possible. This is a cheap, filling, yummy breakfast that can be made in a snap. Top with your favourite granola. I made mine really thick so it was like ice cream!

1 frozen banana
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp maca
Water to desired consistency

Put ingredients in blender, and blend! Top with granola, the granola pictured here is Living Intentions' Chia Ginger Superfood Cereal.

What is your favourite banana-smoothie innovation? Share down below!


  1. Wow, I am making this! I have all the ingredients too!!! Tomorrow morning I shall conquer! ;)

  2. This looks fantastic and lovely -- so smooth and perfect for breakfast! Cinnamon = love

  3. I add cinnamon to *all* my smoothies. Love the flavour! At the moment my favourite smoothie is frozen banana, frozen pineapple, coconut milk (the full-fat kind from a can), ice, cinnamon, agave, and spinach. :)

  4. That looks so good! HECK YEAH!

  5. This sounds like a really good way to hide the taste of protein powder (I've never met a protein powder I liked the taste of)! Cinnamon sounds like a good add-in since it's supposed to help lower blood sugar - kind of counteracts the delicious, delicious sugar in the banana.

  6. @Sarah (Flavoropolis): I've never thought of the balancing effects of cinnamon, thanks for the tip. And you know the best tasting vegan protein powder I've come across is the Progressive Harmonized Vegan Protein, Natural Vanilla Flavour it seriously tastes amazing!

  7. Hey Ladies, I've been eating a lot of smoothies lately, so I'll try this one. It looks delicious and so healthful! I love your photos too btw...
    p.s. Thanks for entering my giveaway;-)

  8. what exactly is maca?

  9. maca is also known as maca root powder, it's high in minerals and helps regulate hormones.