Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seeds from Blackbird Naturals + Fruit + Lucuma Pancakes

So Jac and I ordered seeds from Blackbird Naturals and they finally came! I realize that it's kinda too late to plant a vegetable garden. But I'm gonna experiment with planting some of the greens inside by the window and we'll just save the seeds for spring. We are just in LOVE with the packaging! (so typical) I ordered the "greens collection" and some seeds from the superfood collection and Jac ordered the "veggie patch collection". We aren't affiliated with Blackbird or anything, we we're just really impressed with the company and like how they promote growing your own organic heirloom veggies!

Greens Collection and Superfood Seeds

Veggie Patch Collection in a little wooden box. Perfect gift eh?

The seeds are already "planted"! Trippy....

Superfood seeds. Wild Cherry Tomato, Holy Basil and Goji Berries

We also made pancakes this morning with lucuma powder. They tasted all caramel-y and shortbread-y. And what's a pancake breakfast without a huge plate of fruit! 

Fruit! Cantaloupe, grapes, oranges and pine

Lucuma pancakes.


  1. I still dream of trying lucuma one day! This looks fabulous :)

  2. Did you use Lucuma Powder instead of flour?! I'd love to make those, if you have a recipe, or guidelines even, that would be fantastic!

  3. um, guys... I'm pretty much ready to die for that lucuma pancake recipe! Any chance of it gracing the blog sometime in the near future? :)

  4. @ eatlearndiscover: We only used a couple tablespoons of lucuma. We didn't really measure the ingredients right so next time we experiment we'll write it down!

  5. Those seeds are packaged so beautifully! Good luck with your new gardening adventures and your lucuma pancakes look fantastic...recipe please?!

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