Sunday, October 16, 2011


The week is almost through and I just realized I have nothing to post today! I've been a busy busy bee this weekend with auditions and dance stuff, so I thought it would be fun to do the Vegan MoFo survey from, which we will be contributing to on the 19th so keep your ears open! Here we go!

What's your favourite gluten-free flour?

Buckwheat! It's the best GF flour because it doesn't need to blended with anything else unless you are making cookies. But for muffins and bread and even thin and crispy crackers; buckwheat's the man. 

What have you always wanted to de-glutenize but haven't yet?

I'd probably say...japanese style dumplings. We're big dumpling fans.

What's one of your favourite xgfx meals to make?

Lately we've been loving our "bowls". It's just brown rice or quinoa on the bottom and steamed veggies, avocado and a sprinklin' of crunch on top. 

You're biggest gluten-free success that's made you most proud?

Crepes! You only need three ingredients! 

Most epic xgfx fail?

We made these disgusting banana-oat cookies with no oil or sugar in them...they needed the oil and sugar...

What product do you wish was gluten-free but isn't

I wish there was such thing as gluten-free wonton wrappers...hence the dumpling obsession

If you could pass along one gluten-free tip to a gluten-free newbie, what would it be?

Embrace the garbanzo bean flour. It tastes bad when you use too much but if you add just a little bit it really helps to bind together your bakes.

What's your favourite xgfx product?

I think this maybe only available in Toronto but Kristine's Energy Circles are the best gluten-free, vegan cookies in town! They have a shortbread-like texture which is refreshing for a gluten-free-er.

Any xgfx techniques you've learned that have been most helpful?

One thing that I've found helpful is to use fruit or vegetable purees like banana, apple or sweet potato to make whatever you're baking more moist and less crumbly.

Is there anything you miss being gluten-free?


Have you found a gluten-free pizza dough recipe that makes your heart sing?

Funny you should ask because we've created a couple different versions of pizza dough. The best one we've made is our brown rice flax seed tortilla used as a pizza crust.

Xanthan gum. Do you? or don't you?

We've never used xanthan gum before, mainly because it's kinda scary sounding (legitimate reason right!) and you don't really need it unless you wanted to bake a loaf of bread with yeast and everything.

Favourite gluten-free pre-packaged bread? 

Silver Hills Chia Bread  it's actually edible right out of the bag! No toasting necessary.

What's your favourite way to nosh on quinoa?

Name five of your most coveted pantry staples

1. Tahini
2. Buckwheat groats
3. Carob powder
4. Gluten-free oats
5. Brown rice

If you could only buy 3 gluten-free flours to last you for 3 months what would they be?

Well this is obvious! Buckwheat flour to make crepes, crackers and fluffy things like muffins, gluten-free oat flour to make cookies...I really would only need those two. Maybe chickpea flour too to make soccas

Any xgfx ingredients you are intimidated about trying?

Hmmm...well I was afraid of potato flour but then I realized that it's just dried potato ground up and I've used mashed potato in a pie crust before so I used potato flour instead of an actual mashed up potato in the pumpkin pie crust and it worked the exact same way! 

Favourite place to buy food?

Qi Natural Foods in Toronto and the millions of fruit/veg markets along bloor

Favourite meal when dining out?

I recently had the best xgfx diner style breakfast at Hogtown Vegan. We love going out for breakfast! 

Freebie question!...hmmm....What's the most awkward moment you've experienced because of your xgfx ways?

Asking if there's wheat in the piece of cake being offered to me and having everyone think I said weed....oh shame...

Here's a survey question for you guys! Whether gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, omni or whatever else I'm forgetting...

What are the top 3 ingredients you can't live without?

Our top 3 would definitely be:

and Sweet Potatoes 

How about you?


  1. Y'all are going to think this is so funny, but I've been subscribed to your blog for at least six months, I've definitely made some of the recipes, and did not even realize you were xgfx! I now see it on the top banner, but you definitely make a GF lifestyle very easy. I know GF omnivores that complain like no other but I will now be pointing them to your recipes!

  2. Love this survey. Even though I'm not GF I like to experiment so end up trying out various gluten-free flours and recipes.
    And my top 3 foods are identical to yours! Although I'd probably have to sneak on apples to the list as well because they're another daily essential for me..

  3. Thanks for the Chia Bread suggestion...went out and bought a loaf today! Can't wait to have some tomorrow for breakfast!

  4. @Jared: ha! that is pretty funny, I guess you're an honourary accidental gluten-free vegan now! we're so happy you find our recipes easy! that's honestly always what we're aiming for. :)

  5. @Jamie Hayworth-Chin: so glad you were convinced! I just bought another loaf yesterday! peanut butter toast here i come :)

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