Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ice Cream, Toast and Cookies

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you're having a fun-tastic weekend. It's so sunny and nice here in our part of Canada and plus it's Canadian Thanksgiving so get ready for a pumpkin explosion!...(?) So as promised here's more daily eatin'! 

Banana-Papaya Soft Serve w/ cacao nibs = best ever! I don't really like the texture of papaya when it's fresh but frozen is fine with me!

Cranberry, pistachio, quinoa flake cookies. 

Avo on toast w/ spicy pumpkin seeds


  1. Hey Girls,
    I adore your blog and your ketch free ways! what kind of bread do you guys buys? I assume it's gluten free?

  2. Wow. I am sitting here just waiting for my avocadoes to ripen!!!!
    Delicious post!

  3. @ Nicole: Thanks Nicole! We usually buy Silver Hills Chia Bread. It's the best tasting, least sketchy gluten-free bread we've tried thus far!

  4. The pistachio cookies look amazing!

  5. i lOVE the idea of papaya icecream. i should try making it! i eat papaya every day lol. i also went thru a phase of eating avocado on toasted bread. it was my favorite meal ever a few years ago :D

  6. Also love Silver Hills chia bread.

    The green in your avo-toast picture is gorgeous! The color is so vibrant.

  7. Thanks guys! I've been on the hunt for a goof GF bread. Also, i'm loving the frequency of your posts for vegan MOFO, keep it up!