Thursday, June 30, 2011

DQ-Style Ice Cream Cake + OneGreenPlanet

Jenn and I are proud contributors to, it is an article publishing site that focuses on green, eco-friendly, and ethical material. They also publish vegan recipes, which is something more or less in our arena of knowledge :P, so we've submitted our first one that was just published today!

Check it out!

DQ-style ice cream cake...awww yeah!


  1. Is it bad that I cursed (for joy) when I saw this?

  2. @Rebecca: haha! that's what we were aiming for, vegan ice cream cakes can cause that sort of reaction lol

  3. oh my goodness, this is vegan??? WOW. i haven't had ice cream cake in ages. did u make the ice cream yourself???

  4. oooooooooooooooh.. i dont have words for this cake:):):)

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