Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our Top 12 Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is a wonderful season! Pumpkins, gingerbread, apples, and butternut squash galore;

Here are our Top 12 favourite recipes involving the all mighty pumpkin, it's what autumnal dreams are made of:

Classic Pumpkin Pudding Totally vegan, only 3 ingredients, perfect for a filling breakfast!

Pumpkin Cream Crepes Vegan and GF, impress your friends with this fun dish!

The perfect Vegan and GF Pumpkin Pie (from the Flying Apron) This one involves dates/apricots to help bind it all together!

Vegan Pumpkin KD (in Canada we have an instant Mac and Cheese called Kraft Dinner, this is the veganized, pumpkinized version and it's sooo good!)

Classic Vegan Pumpkin Smoothie made with almond milk! And a special ingredient...

Pumpkin Pie Pudding Just like pumpkin pie but in the form of a quick, easy, delectable pudding! It's vegan too.

Almost Raw Pumpkin Butter Tarts  Ultra healthy, no bake treats. Plus they look like real butter tarts!

Pumpkin-Orange Smoothie Want to try something more adventurous? Pumpkin and Orange are a great combination (use only fresh squeezed orange juice).

Nacho Supreme Quinoa Bowl with Pumpkin Cheese Sauce, this stuff is insanely similar to regular cheese. It's our best kept secret...shhh.

Pumpkin Mousse with Candied Pecans, so luxurious! (recipe available on our ebook)

Pumpkin Ultimate Mac and Cheese with Tempeh "Bacon" (if you really want to impress your friends this is the recipe to make!!) complete with GF bread crumbs too!

Pumpkin Pie Shake, a little bit more indulgent in a smoothie, this shake includes coconut milk and vanilla extract, yum!

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